The Lying ambassador
The Lying ambassador
[ 19/01/2008 - 04:54 PM ]
Comment by Khalid Amayreh in Israeli-occupied East

The new Israeli ambassador to Britain, Ron Prosor, is devoting much of his time these days to trying to enhance his country’s image as the British public continues to be disillusioned with Israel’s colonialist polices in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
In recent months, Israel killed hundreds of Palestinians, including numerous innocent civilians in the occupied territories. Moreover, the harsh Israeli blockade of the estimated 1.5 million Gazans goes on unabated, reducing the impoverished coastal territory to a modern-day version of Ghetto Warsaw.
Prosor thinks that aggressive and proactive PR can eventually morph critics of Israeli occupation and racism into loyal lovers.
Speaking to reporters in London recently, Prosor described the British public opinion as “more extreme than the political establishment in its criticisms of Israel.”
“If there is one thing I want you to take home with you it is this: Israel is a democracy under attack that it is dealing with difficulties that no other country is facing.”
Prosor is lying on both accounts because Israel is neither a true democracy nor is under attack. 
In truth, Israel is a terrorist state, a murderer, thief and liar.
Israel routinely murders innocent people and claims they were killed by mistake. Israel routinely confiscates private Arab land for Jewish settlement expansion and then claims the land is disputed. Israel detains in appalling conditions thousands of Palestinians, including democratically elected lawmakers, without charge or trial. Are these patterns of behavior compatible with a democratic state?
We all know that the supremacy of the rule of law is a central pillar of any democracy. In Israel, however, the government, which is supposed to uphold the rule of law, colludes in broad daylight with Jewish settlers to break the law, and establishes “illegal settler outposts” on land stolen at gunpoint from Arab farmers and peasants. Does a true democracy behave this way?
Indeed, what type of democracy is that which is insisting that a certain segment of its citizens have no permanent right to citizenship and equality because they don’t adhere to the “right religion” and don’t belong to the “holy tribe”?
Prosor claims that Israel is both Jewish and democratic. This is a brazenly mendacious claim because Prosor knows deep in his heart that Israel can’t be both Jewish and democratic at the same time. He should also realize that whenever the mantra of Israel being “Jewish and democratic” is put to the test, the democratic element will evaporates at the first chance.
Apart from the Zionist philosophy, which is based on Jewish particularism,  Israeli policies and especially behaviors amply demonstrate the anti-democratic and even anti-human nature of the Jewish state.
In Israel, one has to be Jewish in order to enjoy full human rights and full equality.
And if you are not Jewish, you are always viewed as a child of a lesser God. And it doesn’t make any difference if you are alive or dead since Israeli bulldozers routinely destroy and unearth non-Jewish graveyards for “development” and in some cases in order to build a Museum of Tolerance as the Israeli government is trying to do with the Mamilla Muslim cemetery in the heart of Jerusalem.
You see, this is a state that tries to foster tolerance by unearthing the bones of dead Muslims and Christians.
I have been living under Israeli rule for over 40 years, and in all honesty I never ever felt that Israel is a truly democratic state. Here in the City of Hebron where I live, nearly 200,000 human beings are effectively held hostage to the whims and moods of 400 messianic settlers who think that Palestinians belong to gas chambers. These Talmudic-minded settlers are thoroughly inculcated in the primitive doctrine that non-Jews living under Jewish Law ought to be exterminated, expelled or at the very least enslaved as water carriers and wood hewers.
More to the point, these hate-filled extremists, who still glorify the Jewish terrorist-murderer Baruch Goldstein who in 1994 murdered 29 Arab worshipers at the Ibrahimi Mosque, routinely harass, terrorize and attack unprotected Arab families in order to force them to flee so that the they could take over their homes and property.
And whenever the victims seek redress in Israel, a thousand legal tricks are concocted for the purpose of enabling the settlers to get away with impunity. This brutal racism is not a one-day or one-month or even one-year affair. This is the norm, this is the modus operandi of the Israeli rule, and it has been going on since 1967. For the Palestinians, it is a Kristalnacht without any end in sight.
Prosor claims that nuclear-armed Israel is under attack. This is nothing short of fornication with words. Who has been attacking whom? Who has been occupying whose territory? Who has been building illegal racist colonies on a land that belongs to another people?
In 2006, Israel attacked and virtually destroyed the bulk of Lebanon’s civilian infrastructure, killing hundreds of innocent people. And, as if that were not enough, the Israeli air-force dropped millions of cluster bomblets in southern Lebanon.
We know and the world knows that 3 million bomblets can kill at least 3 million civilians.  This is an attempted holocaust at best, or maybe half a holocaust by Jewish standards.
Last year, an insolent Israel bombed a Syrian facility without the slightest provocation. The naked aggression, which most western states failed to condemn, underscored Israeli bellicosity and aggressiveness.
And, now, in the aftermath of the Annapolis and Paris conferences, Israel is busy building settlements in occupied Jerusalem while Israeli spokespeople, like Ambassador Prosor, are quite vociferous in their claims that Israel is a democracy, under attack and is seeking peace with its neighbors. 
There is no doubt that the enduring Israeli occupation of the Palestinian homeland is an enduring act of rape.  It is also lamentable that ambassador Prosor is acting as defender and apologist for Israeli crimes.

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What Rubbish
Name: Ivan Date: 19/01/2008 21:58:59
Country: South Africa Job: Varsity Prof
This land you speak of, is Jewish lands stolen by the very Arab Muslims like yourselves. and Israel has just taken back what is rightfully hers.Israel is the only democracy in the middle east & yes you can be a Jewish state & be democratic.How many Islamic republics are there ?? All non-Muslims in these Islamic lands are treated as 2 nd class citizens, known as DHIMMI'S.It is Islam that practices apartheid, murder of innocent people & the stealing of other peoples lands.You are a total hypocrite & lets see your "so called" democracy, by not banning my post on your "so very very democratic Islamic site.
Ivan the terrible
Name: Mahmoud Date: 20/01/2008 04:04:35
Country: United Kingdom Job: Retired
Ivan, tell me: when was this Jewish land stolen by Arabs? It was the Arab Jebusites who built Jerusalem circa 2600 BC some 1400 years before the ancient Israelites set foot on this land. You also talk about the status of non-Muslims in an Islamic State and say that they are classified as Dhimmi's which means they are second class citizens in your dictionary. How ignorant of a university professor who flashes foreign words about without having a clue what they mean! You think that flashing such words makes you look clever. Dhimmi in Arabic means a "PROTECTED PERSON". The Dhimmi system was established over 1400 years ago to protect faith minorities in an Islamic state, long before any Geneva conventions or universal declarations of human rights. Faith minorities were protected under Islam, their civil and religious freedoms were guaranteed.
Ivan the terrible II
Name: Mahmoud Date: 20/01/2008 04:09:49
Country: United Kingdom Job: Retired
And before some other ignorant professor tells me: yes, but they had to pay the Jezya (poll tax), yes they did and the Muslims had to pay Zakat (alms) which was always higher than the Jezya, non-Muslims were not expected to pay the Zakat because Zakat is a Muslim act of worship which cannot be imposed on non-Muslims. Omar, the second Caliph, saw an elderly Jewish man begging in Madina, so Omar asked him: why are you begging? The man replied: I beg to cover my needs and pay the Jezya. Omar said: it would be unjust if we have taken [the Jezya] from you in your youth, and left you to beg in your old age. He then took him along to (Bait-almal), the equivalent of a modern day treasury, and ordered the treasurer to look at his case and similar cases, relieve them from paying the Jezya and start paying them pensions.. Well cheerio Peter, William, Ivan.
the lying ambassador
Name: John Z. Misja , USA Date: 20/01/2008 11:39:08
Country: Palestinian Territory, Occupied Job: Politician
The author of this piece is perfectly correct in his description of Israel. Israel is a modern version of Nazi Germany. The Zionist ideology is very much similar to the Nazi ideology. And the tactics are the same. In Germany we had the Lebensraum and in Israel we have settlement expansion. And, yes, the solution is the same. Zionism must be destroyed in order for peace to take place. Without the destruction of Zionism (not Jews), there will never be peace in the Middle East or the world.
Name: Simha Date: 20/01/2008 12:33:03
Country: Russian Federation Job: Lawyer
Mahmoud or whatver, stop saying bullshit. It is a known historical fact that the JEWS built Jerusalem and Eretz Israel under King David. Are you going to deny the existance of the Kingdom of Israel and Judea and existance for the First and Second Holy Temples? you and your fellow islamists are dillusional. Eretz Israel is ours forever, as I said, no matter how much you scream about Zionism. You Iranian sunni lunatics and syrian dimwits won't help. Hamas will be destroyed very soon and a secular palestinian state will be established. Yeh, lets see the 'freedom of speach' actualy work on here and my post not be banned for 10000th time. bye.
Palestine is Arab
Name: Mireille Date: 20/01/2008 14:45:15
Country: France Job:
The reference to History back to 2000 years is bullshit. Don't forget that Hertzl, the founder of Zionism, planned at first to create a state for the Jews in Ouganda or Venezuela, and not in Palestine. This choice came afterwards, when religious zionists interfered in the project. So the point of Palestine belonging to the Jews was not in consideration. The reference to the Bible is a stupidity.
Name: Mireille Date: 20/01/2008 14:45:51
Country: France Job:
As the craddle of Christianism, then, all the christians should be entitled to invade Palestine and settle there, as it is the place of the birth of their religion….. It is just a matter of colonialism and everyone knows that perfectly well. France has been invaded by Nazis 60 years ago. If i go back to history, i may find that some Wisigoths hordes came in my country and settled there. Does that give the right to German to steale my country 1500 years after, because they were there at the beginning of the first millenium ? Palestine is arab, because its inhabitants are arab, and they are in Palestine since the beginning of time, that's all. Just as Nazism, Zionism is a cancer that will be eradicated from this planet. It can only be maintained thanks to the US$. Without this help, it would have never be maintained so long.
Simha, the lying lawyer
Name: Mahmoud Date: 20/01/2008 15:13:39
Country: United Kingdom Job:
Go to any Jewish history book or website and you find that King David [peace be upon him] invaded Jerusalem around 1010 BC and defeated the Jebusites [founders of the city]. Which means that Jerusalem was already there before the invasion of Palestine by the Israelites. Now we never denied that King David [peace be upon him] established the Kingdom of Juda, the rule of which was inherited by his son Solomon [peace be upon him] around 931 BC. After Solomon's death the kingdom was split into Juda in the south and Israel in the north. The Israelite period was like any other occupation, like the Persian occupation, the Greek occupation, the Roman occupation, the Byzantine occupation and so on, none of their descendants are claiming rights to our land.
Biblical myth and facts
Name: DannyD Date: 20/01/2008 16:06:07
Country: United Kingdom Job: Business Man
The religious myths from both sides confuse the real historical facts. Zionists have never had a real identity with any country in which they lived. To have a nation state they had to rely on the myths and folk stories written in a book that has changed, changed and changed some more with the passing of time and with the different translations that have taken place who knows what is fact and what is fiction from those days. The facts of today are that the Jewish state of Israel has been handed to them not through religious belief but by a political process. First the British now the Americans have backed the political Zionist movement not because the Jews have a right to Palestine but because it has always suited their plans. It wasn’t done on any principled rights of the Jews to a homeland. If this was the case would the USA allow Iran or Saudi Arabia to fund a fight for The American Indians for the return of their homeland that they were expelled from not 2000 years ago but just over 200. (cont)
Continued Post
Name: DannyD Date: 20/01/2008 16:08:16
Country: United Kingdom Job: Business Man
(cont) Give Ireland back to the Irish, Scotland to the Scots and Wales back to the Pics. In history there are many better cases and all have far more moral justification than Zionism’s for Israel. Dump the myths of the ancient past deal with the realities of today. Zionism was the adopted child of British Imperialism, it has now moved home to USA Imperialism. Its reason for being is the control of the Mid East area and beyond by the West, nothing to do with religion or principles. It has grown up to become a monster that religious and principled Jews are ashamed of. From being a people who were at the front of democratic rights and freedoms for the oppressed dating back centuries, for the belief in a false god, they are now looked down upon as a pariah within the true democratic movement of the world..
Name: Simha Date: 20/01/2008 20:07:45
Country: Russian Federation Job:
bla bla bla.. THE FACT OF THE MATTER IS ISRAEL WILL NEVER CEAES TO EXIST, AND ALL THOSE WHO F#CK with US WILL DIE! can I make it any more clear? it dosent matter how much we can talk on here and how much this and other websites report about 'zionism'. Israel will prosper, Islamo-facists will perish. Savy?
Name: Ibrahim Paz Date: 20/01/2008 22:16:48
Country: Job: Engineer
Most of the comments here are nonsense. Jews who establised in Palestine about 3000 years ago were as semites as are are now. That means that they were "arabs" that became jewish following Moses rule
Israel=a Nazi state
Name: Non-Zionist American Jew Date: 21/01/2008 06:38:32
Country: Palestinian Territory, Occupied Job:
as a Jew who is opposed to oppression and racism, I wish to express my solid solidarity with the Palestinian people against this criminal state which is thinking, behaving and acting like Nazi Germany. It is sad that Zionists are the Nazis of our time. It is also hopeful that eventually they will meet the same fate that Nazi Germany met. So, I say to my Palestinian brothers and sisters, don't give up the hope for liberty and deliverance from the evil shackles of Zionism. YOu will overcome. Time and truth are on you side.
Name: Sam Date: 21/01/2008 17:32:51
Country: Job: Retired
What an idiot this guy Ivan is. When he talks of Jews building Jerusalem. What Jews is he talking about? The Polish or Russian Jew; the German or Irish Jew or the Palm Beach Jew? If the Jews did build Jerusalem it was the Arab Jews not European Jews who are the real scoundrels in this whole game of rape and plunder. There's no holcausts going on Europe now. The best thing for them would be to get the hell out. They are not middle eastern people. Period. So stop the bloody theft and murder under the smokescreen of democracy
Name: Simha Date: 23/01/2008 16:42:42
Country: Russian Federation Job: Lawyer
Fake zionsit jew, obviously an imposter created by the so smart people who run this website and idiot sam. You can talk shit all you want, Israel is Jewish FOREVER, WE WILL STAND FOREVER. ISLAMISTS DAYS ARE NUMBERED. AM YISRAEL CHAI!
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