Shame on Indonesian normalizers
Shame on Indonesian normalizers
[ 08/12/2007 - 11:00 AM ]
From Khalid Amayreh in Occupied East Jerusalem

This week, Israeli media reported that a delegation of Indonesian Muslim religious leaders arrived in occupied Palestine and was being hosted by Israeli President Shimon Peres.
According to the reports, the clerics, who claimed to represent up to 70 million people in the most populous Muslim country, told Peres that they wanted to present the moderate face of Islam that seeks cooperation and peace with other countries and religions and repudiate Islamic extremists.
Peres reportedly welcomed the delegation, claiming that Israel’s enemy is not Islam, but “terror,” an allusion to Palestinian resistance to Israel’s decades-old Nazi-like occupation of Palestinian land and brutal treatment of Palestinians.
“The people of the world must repudiate the use of religion to justify the use of terror and bloodshed.”
First of all, Peres, like the rest of Zionist leaders, is not qualified or fit to lecture the world, especially Muslims, on the issue of terror or religion.
Peres, for those who don’t know, is a nefarious war criminal who has a huge amount of innocent of blood on his dirty hands.
In the spring of 1996, Peres, during his brief term as care-taker Prime Minister following Isaac Rabin’s assassination by a Jewish extremist, ordered the Israeli army to bomb the headquarters of the UN peace-keeping forces at the village of Qana in southern Lebanon, at which hundreds of women and children had sought protection from indiscriminate Israeli bombardment.
As many as 106 innocent people, mostly women and kids, were killed instantly. The phantasmagoric images of badly-mutilated women and decapitated children were shown on TV screens all over the world.
Moreover, a subsequent UN report ascertained that the Israeli army bombed Qana knowingly and deliberately. (Another massacre by Israel was committed during the summer-2006 campaign in which the Israeli air force dropped millions of cluster bombs on southern Lebanon).
Interestingly, Peres, a Nobel laureate, hasn’t had the moral courage to say sorry, mea culpa, for the pornographic massacre. Yet the elderly war criminal continues to be well- received and welcomed around the world as if he were a true man of peace.
More to the point, it is really lamentable that the visit by the Indonesian clerics comes at a time when Israel is carrying out a slow-motion genocide against 1.5 million Muslims and Christians in Gaza by barring them from accessing food and medicine. And this happens on no account other than the fact that these thoroughly tormented Palestinians had chosen to elect a government that Israel didn’t like.
This is not, as Israeli apologists and propagandists would claim, retaliation for the firing of mostly innocuous projectiles known as Qassam onto nearby Jewish colonies. Indeed, during the past three months, Israel killed more than two hundred Palestinians, most of them innocent people, whereas not a single Israeli civilian was killed by these primitive and essentially ineffective rockets.
So, in reality, we are talking about a real, protracted massacre.
According to human rights reports, Palestinians are dying in droves because the “only truly democratic state in the Middle East” has been barring them from accessing medicine and medical care.
In addition to that, and as a further expression of the brutal ugliness of Zionism, Israel has been curtailing electricity and fuel supplies to the Gaza Strip.
Hence, one might ask: what is the fault of these innocent people? Why kill them and starve them and torment them? Is Israel hell-bent on committing a holocaust against the Palestinian people to vicariously avenge whatever the Third Reich did in the course of the Second World War?
This is a question we put to these Indonesian Muslim dignitaries who have come to occupied Palestine to be deceived and duped by the most lying people on earth.
Certainly, the Palestinian people are not against good and constructive relations between the followers or Islam, Judaism and Christianity and other religions. 
However, it is always wrong to visit a country whose political leaders and military commanders regularly instruct their trigger-happy troops to murder school children, farmers, day laborers and college students and then an obscenely mendacious hasbara (propaganda) machine would be entrusted with the dishonest task of turning the black into white and the white into black and the big lie into a virtual truth that is glorified by millions. Have they stopped claiming that the Israeli army is in fact the most moral army in the world?
There is no doubt that these Indonesian delegates are making a great harm to the cause of Islam, to the Palestinian cause, and to the cause of al Masjidul Aqsa since their untimely and unwise visit would be interpreted by a condescending  Israel as bestowing some legitimacy on Israel’s Nazi-like policies and practices against the Palestinian people.
As a result of your visit, Israel’s crimes will cost less, and Peres and Olmert and their cohorts will tell non-Muslim critics of Israeli criminality…well, you surely won’t be more Muslim than the Muslim!!
 Shame on you.

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