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24 July
On Israeli request, the FBI detain Dr. Mousa Abu Marzouq, head of Hamas political bureau, at JK airport in New York.
The Muslim Council (al-Haya' al-Islamiya) was the first Palestinian representative body to be founded after the war.
(24-26) July IDF Operation Shoter: Carmeli, Alexandroni, and Golani brigades attack and capture three villages of Little Triangle south of Haifa.
British issue special White Paper on Terrorism in Palestine accusing Jewish Agency of being involved in acts of terrorism with Irgun and Stern Gangs.
League of Nations Council approves Mandate for Palestine without consent of Palestinians.
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Islamic authorities in J'lem slam Israeli police for uprooting trees from Aqsa
Islamic authorities in J'lem slam Israeli police for uprooting trees from Aqsa
[ 24/03/2013 - 10:47 AM ]

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)-- The higher Islamic committee and the Awqaf and Islamic affairs council in occupied Jerusalem strongly denounced the Israeli police for allowing themselves to remove trees from the Aqsa Mosque's plazas last Thursday, describing what happened as an infringement on jurisdiction.

"The plazas are an integral part of the holy Aqsa Mosque and the uprooting of trees the day before yesterday by the occupation police is unacceptable, reprehensible and an assault on the Aqsa Mosque," the higher committee the Awqaf council stated on Saturday.
"The maintenance and Islamic waqf committee of the Aqsa Mosque is the one authorized to make repairs, plant trees and do other things without permission from the Israeli police which have no authority or jurisdiction over the management of the Aqsa Mosque," they emphasized.

The higher committee and the Awqaf council also urged the Jordanian government to assume its religious responsibilities towards the Aqsa Mosque and intervene to stop the Israeli regime from violating its sanctity.

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