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29 July
In Nablus, thousands of Palestinians fill the streets, and shops, banks and offices open for the second day of the largest demonstration yet against the Israeli curfew confining residents to their homes. Nablus governor Mohammed Aloul calls on residents of other towns to ignore the now 40-day curfew and restore normal life.
Violent confrontations between Muslim worshipers with Israeli police and extremist Jewish settlers who tried to lay the foundation stone for the alleged temple at the Aqsa Mosque, 20 Palestinians and 16 Israeli policemen were wounded.
The PLC Commission of Inquiry on Government Performance issues its report recommending the dismissal of the entire PNA cabinet on suspicion of corruption and the formation of a new government consisting of technocrats and qualified professionals.
Jordanian Minister Daoud Khalaf says Israel steals close to 59 billion cubic feet of water a year from Arab sources.
Israeli commandos kidnap Sheikh Abdel Karim Obeid from south Lebanon. Obeid, 36, is a central figure in the Shi'ite movement in Lebanon.
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Barghouthi: New settlements in Jerusalem big blow to Annapolis
Barghouthi: New settlements in Jerusalem big blow to Annapolis
[ 05/12/2007 - 10:39 PM ]

GAZA, PIC-- Palestinian legislator and former information minister in the dissolved PA unity government MP Dr. Mustafa Al-Barghouthi has described Israel's decision to construct 300 new settlement units in the occupied city of Jerusalem as "big blow" to the US-hosted Annapolis conference.

Barghouthi also affirmed that the Israeli decision confirms Israel's rejection to freeze settlement constructions in the occupied West Bank, especially in Jerusalem city, and supports statements uttered by Israel's foreign minister Tzipi Levni in Annapolis that Israel didn’t offer anything to the Palestinians in order not to "handcuff itself".

"Israel is practicing a deceptive policy and exploits meetings and political gatherings to cover for its expansion schemes purposely to impose facts on the ground through the construction of more settlements and through the daily incursions into the Palestinian lands", affirmed Barghouthi.

Furthermore, the Palestinian lawmaker accused the Israeli occupation government of practicing racial discrimination in the Palestinian lands through the hundreds of checkpoint it installed throughout the West Bank, turning life of the Palestinian people into hell and leaving them in closed "big jails".

"The Israeli occupation government established an apartheid  system in the Palestinian lands, and practiced it in a way worse than what had existed in South Africa", underlined Barghouthi.

Moreover, the PA legislator explained that the Palestinian leadership committed a "big mistake" in attending the ill-fated Annapolis conference and in signing documents free of Palestinian conditions, including comprehensive halt of Israeli settlement construction, elimination of the separation wall, lifting the economic sanctions on Gaza Strip, and retracting declaring it as "enemy entity" among other essential Palestinian objectives.

In this regard, Barghouthi called on the international community to immediately intervene and to pressure the Israeli occupation government into freeing all kidnapped Palestinian lawmakers (almost one-third of the total PLC members) in addition to the more than 11,000 Palestinian captives languishing in different Israeli jails in extremely difficult conditions.

He also stressed the importance of respecting, protecting, and abiding by results of the Palestinian democracy, underscoring that starting national dialogue and realizing national unity among the Palestinians is a must under the current circumstances amidst repeated Israeli threats of invading Gaza Strip.

"It is obvious that the condition Tel Aviv was trying to impose on the negotiation table with the Palestinians, including recognizing it as a Jewish state, forswearing the RoR of the Palestinian refugees, transforming the issue of Jerusalem into an issue of scattered suburbs, and the insistence that the PA must implement the security part of the roadmap plan among other unfeasible conditions proves that Israel wasn’t serious in seeking for a just settlement to the Palestinian question, and that it wanted to make the roadmap plan and not the international laws as the political reference of any settlement", Barghouthi asserted.

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