Sources: Hamas's talks in Egypt decisive
Sources: Hamas's talks in Egypt decisive
[ 25/01/2009 - 11:25 PM ]

CAIRO, (PIC)-- Well-informed sources in the Egyptian capital Cairo asserted Sunday that talks between Hamas's delegation, and the Egyptian authorities would be "decisive and pivotal".

According to the sources, the talks of Hamas's delegation with Egypt's intelligence chief Omar Suleiman would tackle all unresolved files, warning that if those issues are not resolved amicably; the political rift between Hamas and Cairo could widen.

Egypt took a negative stand against Hamas after the Movement succeeded in routing elements of the mutiny trend within Fatah faction of the disgraced Fatah leader Mohammed Dahalan.

Hamas and Egypt became at odds since then, but bilateral ties worsened further after Hamas Movement implicitly accused Cairo of encouraging the Israeli aggression on Gaza that lasted for 23 days and reaped the lives of more than 1330 Palestinian citizens; more than one-half of them were children and women.

As far as the talks between Hamas and Egypt were concerned, the sources revealed that the discussion would mainly focus on four main points namely: preserving the present fragile calm in Gaza, the smuggling of weapons through Egypt, the crossing points, and the unjust economic siege on Gaza.

According to sources, Egypt was supporting Israel's view of suggesting an open and unlimited truce, which Hamas strongly rejected and said it would give a truce for a maximum of one year only.

As far as the smuggling of weapons is concerned, Hamas went to the point directly and made it clear that smuggling through Egypt's territories was Egypt's sole responsibility, and not of Hamas or anyone else, the sources pointed out.

Hamas, however, was adamant that the crossing points of Gaza Strip must be open once and for all, in addition to complete and immediate lifting of the unjust economic siege on the 1.5 million Palestinians living in the costal Strip.

Egypt said it was adhering to the 2005 crossings deal signed between the then Fatah-controlled PA and the Israeli occupation government, although Egypt wasn’t a party to the agreement.

Hamas wants to administer the Rafah crossing point side-by-side with the PA presidential guards, Egypt, and the Europeans although it suggested that Turkish monitors could also participate in managing that vital crossing point as part of the European representatives.

But contrary to Israel's wishes, Hamas confirmed that the issue of opening the crossing points was certainly separated from the issue of the captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit.

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Name: Richard Date: 26/01/2009 09:01:58
Country: United States Job: Business Man
A blockade is an act of war that a government has a right and obligation to defend against. Gaza has unilateral airspace and a port that the neighbors don't have a reciprocal responsibility or right to control. I don't see a long term solution to the conflict without the blockade being lifted in a manner that allows Gaza free access to the world. A short term solution needs to include a sufficient lifting of the blokade to allow a resumption of normal life. If it doesn't occure the UNSC is negligent in its ceasefire resolution.
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