A Palestinian woman killed, 46 injured in a fresh Israeli air strike
A Palestinian woman killed, 46 injured in a fresh Israeli air strike
[ 18/01/2008 - 02:50 PM ]
One of the victim's of Friday's Israeli air strike

GAZA, (PIC)-- One woman was killed and 46 others were wounded Friday afternoon when F-16 fighters bombed the old building of the interior ministry near the Islamic university, according to reports from Gaza.

The bombing resulted in the complete destruction of the five-storey unused building and caused great damage to surrounding homes.

Medical sources told PIC correspondent that a 58-year-old woman died of shrapnel wounds and 46 others, all civilians were wounded, at least five of them sustained serious wounds.

Local sources said that an F-16 fighter fired two rockets at the building bringing it down and causing great damage to nearby buildings.

There was a wedding party at the house of Abdel-Jawad family adjacent to the bombed building,  and the bombing caused the death of Ms. Haneya Abdel-Jawad and the wounding of many wedding guests, including young children.

The wounded were taken to the Shifa hospital where the less seriously wounded had to sit on the floor because of lack of hospital beds.

Security sources said the Israeli occupation knows very well that the targeted building is within a densely populated area and that targeting it would result in a large number of civilian casualties.

Spokesman for the Interior Ministry Ihab al-Ghusain said that his ministry has evacuated the building a long time ago and was handed back to the owners.

Two Naval Police Stations were also bombed and destroyed, but no casualties were reported.

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Name: Peter Date: 18/01/2008 21:05:57
Country: South Africa Job: Student
What a shame the building was empty, just shows unlike the barbaric Palestinians, at least the civilized Israeli's try to minimise civilian casualties.After all they could have bombed the building when it was full,and the people not in the mosques.
Empty but probably not the target
Name: Warby Date: 19/01/2008 01:04:22
Country: United States Job: Manager
Only hit the empty building due to luck . The Israeli's have the equipment but not the skill thank god. They must be depressed, such a high populated area and hit an empty building! What civilised people, I'm jealous.
barbaric iseraileans
Name: Fatimah Date: 19/01/2008 16:26:25
Country: South Africa Job: Student
Iserail is coming soon to its destruction by its barbaric ways of treating small children like that. Go now leave the land to its real owners.
A Empty Building
Name: M-ul-M O. A. Fard Date: 19/01/2008 18:04:28
Country: United States Job:
They knew the "Building" was "Empty" and the only ones that would be "Killed and Mamed" would be "Women and Children"...they knew that no "Soldier" was near that "Building"......Thats "Cool-blooded" murder by the Isreal will not be around to much longer(Jews will)the International Community is wittnessing the end of the 1948 Occupiers....
Wounded Child
Name: Shalom Date: 20/01/2008 05:57:55
Country: United States Job: Doctor
It warms the heart to see a Palestinian child injured by Israeli rockets. If only there were many, many more.
Name: David Date: 20/01/2008 06:02:57
Country: United States Job: Varsity Prof
The child in arms looks just like another cockroach to me. They should be exterminated like the vermin that they are.
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