Flotilla organizers reject Greek offer, say: Abbas stabbed us in the back
Flotilla organizers reject Greek offer, say: Abbas stabbed us in the back
[ 04/07/2011 - 10:38 AM ]

ATHENS, (PIC)-- Freedom Flotilla II activists have completely rejected Greece’s offer to ship the flotilla’s humanitarian aid to Gaza through the Ashdod port in Israeli or El-Arish port in Egypt in full coordination with the United Nations.
Anger has prevailed among activists after learning that the offer was made after talks were held between Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and the Greek Foreign Minister, flotilla organizers told Safa news agency.
The activists have called Abbas’s stance a “stab in the back”, recalling the attitude he previously expressed regarding the Gaza aid ships, saying they are “a silly game,” and the participants “take permits from Israel before entering Gaza”.
Some ten ships were scheduled to join the flotilla and challenge Israel’s blockade of the Gaza Strip, but Greece placed a ban on the ships from leaving from its ports where they were docked.
Meanwhile, the organization of Palestinian scholars abroad has called on Muslims to boycott Greek products should the country continue the ban.
In a press statement, the body called for pressuring the Greek government into retracting the decision and taking to the streets and demonstrating at Greek embassies in Arab, Muslim, and European countries.

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Greece is a pirate
Name: Michael Rivero Date: 04/07/2011 19:12:18
Country: Job: Other Job
Oh my; how special! Israel and Greece and the United Nations have made a deal to take the aid supplies to Ashdod, Israel instead of Gaza. Setting aside that little of the last batch of supplies delivered to Ashdod ever got into Gaza, NONE OF THESE SUPPLIES BELONG TO EITHER ISRAEL, GREECE, OR THE UNITED NATIONS! This pretense at an agreement is intended to obscure the fact that they are talking about property that does not belong to them. This is roughly the moral equivalent of Blackbeard "agreeing" to loot ships that do not belong to him and transfer the valuables found therein to Tortuga instead of their intended destination of Panama!
Why not let the greeks ship it?
Name: Calif Date: 05/07/2011 18:50:09
Country: United States Job:
I am typically with the pro-palestinian point of view. However, in blocking the shipment (for obvious reasons like they might deliver weapons etc...) - The greek govt and Egypt have extended an Olive branch. If the aid was so important, why don't they let them ship it on behalf of the activists. Isn't the point to get the materials there, not play political games?
Name: Elias Date: 05/07/2011 21:49:52
Country: Sweden Job:
Calif, the point is to BREAK THE BLOCKADE ON GAZA. Why is it that when it comes to israel, people (both in the west and the east) get afraid and want to find a third solution when they never would have accepted such a solution if some other state had been the culprit? Israel is satan and as such can only win by scaring people in to submission, satan has no power over people who understand his evil and stand up against it but he sure can win over people who fear him as they should fear God almighty.
Another thing
Name: Elias Date: 05/07/2011 21:59:11
Country: Sweden Job:
Another thing Caliph, everyone knows these aid ships would never deliver weapons but lets say just for a second that a ship were to deliver weapons to the besieged gaza strip? So what? Why can israel recieve advanced weapons from the US but the same luxury cant be given Palestinians? Didmt the french resistance have a right to recieve weapons to fight the nazi occupier????? When will people stop being so brainwashed and stand up in real way against all the zionist lies and propaganda. Palestinians have every right to import weapons to defend themselves and liberate Palestine. The zionists on the other hand had absolutely no right to recieve british and european weapons to STEAL and ETHNICLY CLEANSE Palestine and have no right to recieve US weapons to continue to occupy, steal and ethnicly cleanse Palestine from the river to the sea.
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