Maariv: border issue brings the negotiations to a dead end
Maariv: border issue brings the negotiations to a dead end
[ 17/10/2013 - 01:00 PM ]

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)-- Maariv newspaper said the negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority have already entered a dead end following the disagreements between the two sides concerning the border issue.

The paper pointed out that "Israel has proposed renting the Jordan Valley area for decades but the Palestinian Authority refused that."

It quoted Palestinian sources as saying that Israel insists on imposing its control over the eastern border with Jordan.

Maariv said: "member of the Central Committee of the Fatah movement Hanan Ashrawi confirmed the news in a statement to the newspaper."

Palestinian Authority has resumed direct negotiations with Israel under American auspices, since last August, without preconditions from both sides.

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Are You Serious??!!!
Name: Wadi Date: 17/10/2013 15:11:27
Country: United States Job:
Did the PA really think that Israel would be serious about these "Peace Talks"? When Israel talks about itself, it talks about the Ancient Israel of King David. To them, the Palestinian are mere squatters on their God given land.
Mr Erikat, Head Home
Name: Othman Date: 17/10/2013 20:17:16
Country: United States Job:
The Palestinian negotiators in Washington do not believe in what they are doing. They are fed up with hearing the same old Israeli schemes to perpetuate the Israeli Occupation already in its 46th year.Mr Erikat, come home and leave the Israelis and Americans negotiate among themsleves. There is nothing for the Palestinians in this travesty called negotiations.
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