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25 July
The UNSC holds an emergency meeting to discuss the Israeli air strike on Gaza that killed 17 Palestinians and the international outcry at the targeting of a civilian neighborhood.
The World Bank says that 70% of Palestinians live on less than $2 a day and that 21% of children under five years suffer malnutrition and 45% from anemia.
Israeli forces assassinate Hamas member Salah Eddin Darwaza, 36, from Nablus, by firing five anti-tank missiles at his car while he is driving within PA territory near Ein Beit Al-Maa’ Refugee Camp.
The Camp David summit ends without reaching an agreement mainly because of the issue of Jerusalem.
The deadline for the expansion of Palestinian autonomy to the West Bank passes without an agreement.
Jordan, Israel sign ("Washington Declaration").
Yasser Arafat meets in Beirut with a US Congressional Delegation and signs a statement acknowledging all UN resolutions pertaining to Palestine. Paul McClosky, US Congressman says, the move signals PLO recognition of Israel.
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Abu Marzouk: The reconciliation did not collapse and we wait to go to Cairo
Abu Marzouk: The reconciliation did not collapse and we wait to go to Cairo
[ 22/10/2009 - 12:25 PM ]

DAMASCUS, (PIC)-- Dr. Moussa Abu Marzouk, the deputy head of Hamas political bureau, stated Wednesday that the reconciliation did not collapse despite the clamor raised in this regard, noting that his Movement is waiting for an invitation from Egypt to go to Cairo to discuss the reconciliation paper. 

In a statement to Al-Aqsa satellite channel, Dr. Abu Marzouk said that Hamas want to open the new reconciliation paper to match it with what was previously agreed upon.

He underlined that his Movement wants real reconciliation so as not to repeat previous experiences which led to more division in the Palestinian arena.

The Hamas official pointed out to the presence of parties that work on straining the relationship between his Movement and Egypt, asserting that the last meeting with intelligence director Omar Suleiman witnessed a high level of openness.

He also added the Egypt never rebuked Hamas for its position towards the reconciliation paper as some media outlets claim.

For his part, Palestinian lawmaker in Israeli jails Mahmoud Al-Khatib strongly denounced the immoral and unjust campaign waged by Fatah leaders against Hamas, saying this campaign is aimed to take revenge on Hamas and tarnish its image after its popularity increased because of its honest national positions.

In a letter leaked from Israeli jails, Khatib said this campaign is also aimed to cover up the national crime committed by the Palestinian authority (PA) in Ramallah after it delayed the discussion of Goldstone’s report at the first time, but later it was forced under pressure to backtrack on its position against the report.

The lawmaker hailed in his letter the Movement of Hamas for seeking to sign a strong reconciliation agreement to prevent any misinterpretation of any point in the agreement and avoid any disagreement that may result from that in the future.

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