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23 April
Israel decides to "postpone" its agreement to cooperate with the UN fact-finding mission because its “was done without our consultation or agreement.”
In a meeting with Gush Katif settlers, Sharon says that “not one home would be dismantled, …and that every house and community are exactly where they should be and that we must continue to grow."
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Settlers run over Palestinian child, attack citizen and burn his car
Settlers run over Palestinian child, attack citizen and burn his car
[ 19/02/2009 - 12:43 PM ]

AL-KHALIL, (PIC)-- An Israeli settler on Wednesday ran over the 8-year-old Palestinian child Islam Al-Ja'bari in Al-Khalil city and sped away while settlers south of Jenin city attacked a Palestinian man in his fifties and burnt his car.

Local sources in Al-Khalil said that an ambulance of the Palestinian Red Crescent carried the boy to Al-Khalil government hospital where his condition was described as "moderate".

Many such hit-and-run incidents have been recorded by Israeli settlers without being held accountable by the Israeli occupation authority.

Other settlers from the evacuated settlement of Homesh south of Jenin attacked 58-year-old Palestinian citizen Ibrahim Hamur and burnt his taxicab.

Local sources and witnesses reported that Hamur had parked his car near the entrance to that settlement to pray when more than ten settlers assaulted him.

Hamur was seriously injured and he was seen bleeding from his nose and ears, the sources said, adding that Israeli occupation soldiers took the man away and that the settlers then set fire to his vehicle.

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