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25 April
Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah begins his visit to the US, where he presents the eight-point Saudi peace plan - termed by the White House as "constructive".
An emergency special session of the UN General Assembly approves a resolution with 134 in favor and three against (US, Israel and Micronesia) for a halt in construction at Har Homa and an end to all settlement activities in the occupied territories.
The San Remo Conference awards administration of the former Turkish territories of Syria and Lebanon to France and of Palestine and Transjordan and Mesopotamia (Iraq) to Britain.
IZL starts massive mortar shelling of Jaffa residential quarters; simultaneously launches ground offensive to cut off northern Manshiyeh
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Detained MP's call on Egypt to pressure Abbas to release political prisoners
Detained MP's call on Egypt to pressure Abbas to release political prisoners
[ 19/06/2009 - 12:15 PM ]

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)-- Detained Hamas lawmakers called on the Egyptian government, as the host and sponsor of inter-Palestinian dialogue, to pressure former PA president Mahmoud Abbas to release political detainees in the prisons of his militias.

The MP's added that everyone knows how sensitive this issue is and the effect of leaving it unsolved on the inter-Palestinian dialogue, stressing that there were tens of political detainees in the jails of Abbas's militia who spent more than a year in those jails.

The detained MP's stressed that any agreement imposed without solving this sensitive issue will not be more than a crisis management agreement and not a solution, likening this situation to carrying a ticking bomb, that could go off any time, in one's own pocket.

Meanwhile, Hamas said on Thursday that there was no truth to news reports that Abbas's militia has released 20 Hamas political prisoners in the West Bank and stressed that reaching an agreement with Fatah has become very difficult.

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