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22 July
Palestinian NGOs Minister Asfour claims that the PA has information, which reveals the involvement of two Israeli ministers, Rehavam Ze’evi and Avigdor Lieberman, with a settler "terrorist organization" responsible for the attack on Palestinians near Hebron which left a 3 month old baby dead.
PA Refugee Affairs Minister Assad Abdel Rahman resigns, saying he is unwilling to take the responsibility for the Camp David results on the refugee issue.
Ninety-one British, Palestinian, and Jewish civil servants and visitors killed when IZL blows up wing of King David Hotel in Jerusalem housing British government secretariat.
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Report: PA security kidnapped 80 Palestinians in April
Report: PA security kidnapped 80 Palestinians in April
[ 03/05/2008 - 07:50 AM ]

GAZA, (PIC)-- A report issued by the Hamas information office stated that the PA security apparatuses within the context of security coordination with Israel kidnapped 80 Palestinians affiliated with Hamas in the West Bank in April.

Regarding the Israeli aggression on the Palestinian people during the same month, the IOF troops killed 79 Palestinians including 18 children, 75 of the victims were killed in the Gaza Strip, according to the report.

In another context, the Islamic bloc in the Arab-American university in Jenin, northern West Bank, announced it would boycott the students' council elections of this year in protest at the arbitrary acts exercised by the PA security apparatuses against its members and the absence of free democratic atmosphere.

In a statement, the bloc underlined that the ongoing abductions of its cadres by the PA militia to prevent them from exercising free student activity are in violation of the most basic human rights.

The statement pointed out that the students, affiliated with the Fatah youth group which are protected by the PA security apparatuses, use threats and offensive acts against the Islamic bloc students.

Most of the student blocs in the university had withdrawn from the students' council which is controlled by the Fatah youth group in protest at its policy of alienation and factional discrimination against the other student blocs, but due to the pressures made on the blocs, which amounted to the kidnapping of representatives of those blocs, some of them backtracked on their withdrawal.

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