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25 July
The UNSC holds an emergency meeting to discuss the Israeli air strike on Gaza that killed 17 Palestinians and the international outcry at the targeting of a civilian neighborhood.
The World Bank says that 70% of Palestinians live on less than $2 a day and that 21% of children under five years suffer malnutrition and 45% from anemia.
Israeli forces assassinate Hamas member Salah Eddin Darwaza, 36, from Nablus, by firing five anti-tank missiles at his car while he is driving within PA territory near Ein Beit Al-Maa’ Refugee Camp.
The Camp David summit ends without reaching an agreement mainly because of the issue of Jerusalem.
The deadline for the expansion of Palestinian autonomy to the West Bank passes without an agreement.
Jordan, Israel sign ("Washington Declaration").
Yasser Arafat meets in Beirut with a US Congressional Delegation and signs a statement acknowledging all UN resolutions pertaining to Palestine. Paul McClosky, US Congressman says, the move signals PLO recognition of Israel.
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Abu Marzouk: Egypt will not impose solutions
Abu Marzouk: Egypt will not impose solutions
[ 21/05/2009 - 09:35 AM ]

DAMASCUS, (PIC)-- Dr. Mousa Abu Marzouk, the deputy political bureau chairman of Hamas, has opined that Egypt would not impose solutions on the Palestinian factions and forces taking part in the national dialog in Cairo.

Abu Marzouk told PIC on Wednesday that it was normal for Egypt to have a certain viewpoint on the Palestinian file and to seek to implement it, especially when it was one of the important countries concerned with the Palestine cause.

He said that no solutions could be imposed on negotiating parties because such a solution would be without conviction and would not achieve the Palestinian people's interests.

The imposition of a solution would destroy the entire dialog, the Hamas leader said commenting on Egyptian intelligence chief Omar Sueliman's statement that Cairo would impose a solution if the negotiating parties did not reach an agreement by themselves.

He expressed the opinion that Suleiman was insinuating that dialog could not drag on for ever.

Abu Marzouk hoped in this regard that Egypt would play an active role in reforming the PLO as it did in the sixties of the past century.

He then accused Fatah of foot-dragging in the dialog and in all negotiations it joins, hoping that Fatah would attend the dialog with solutions in mind instead of just "keep on talking."

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