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23 April
Israel decides to "postpone" its agreement to cooperate with the UN fact-finding mission because its “was done without our consultation or agreement.”
In a meeting with Gush Katif settlers, Sharon says that “not one home would be dismantled, …and that every house and community are exactly where they should be and that we must continue to grow."
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Rabbi accompanies Jewish settlers on storming of Aqsa
Rabbi accompanies Jewish settlers on storming of Aqsa
[ 16/05/2013 - 11:06 AM ]

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)-- Extremist rabbi Yisrael Ariel stormed the holy Aqsa mosque in occupied Jerusalem on Thursday at the head of a group of Jewish settlers.

Jerusalemite sources said that groups of Jewish settlers stormed the Aqsa mosque via the Maghareba gate and strolled inside it under heavy police escort.

Worshipers and Quran students inside the mosque chanted Allahu Akbar to protest the tour.

For his part, Mahmoud Abu Atta, the spokesman for the Aqsa Foundation for endowment and Heritage, said that 32 settlers broke into the Aqsa mosque in three groups and toured its plazas and attempted to offer Talmudic rituals.

Abu Atta said that the Israeli police forces tightened security measures in and around the holy site and took shots of worshipers and students.

Tension is running high in occupied Jerusalem and the vicinity of the Aqsa mosque in light of the heavy deployment of Israeli police and military forces in anticipation of more such storming by Jewish settlers.

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