Hamas: Palestine could not be partitioned by resolutions or agreements
Hamas: Palestine could not be partitioned by resolutions or agreements
[ 29/11/2007 - 02:47 PM ]

GAZA, (PIC)-- The Hamas Movement on Thursday held the UN fully responsible for the tragedies that befell the Palestinian people as a result of the "oppressive" resolution 181 that sanctioned the partitioning of Palestine and allowed the creation of the Hebrew state.

It said in a statement on the 60th anniversary of that resolution that the implementation of that decision had led to the displacement of hundreds of thousand of Palestinians and replaced alien invaders in their place.

"We call on those who sanctioned this historic oppression to amend their mistake," Hamas said.

It also said that all those attending the Annapolis conference will shoulder the historical and national responsibility for their participation in a conference that was held under the condition that Palestine is a Jewish homeland.

The Movement urged the Arab and Islamic countries to be aware of the conspiracy that is being hatched against the Palestinians' presence in their own land and to renew political, material and moral support for the Palestinians to bolster their steadfastness.

Hamas affirmed that Palestine is an Arab, Islamic country since time immemorial and Jews have no right whatsoever in the land of Palestine, and stressed that Palestine is an inseparable whole that is not for partitioning.

"We will never accept to bargain over an inch of Palestinian soil," Hamas underscored and added, "We will not recognize any of the oppressive international resolutions that drop Palestinian rights and constants".

The Movement renewed its right to resist occupation with all means possible and its determination to wipe out the "cancerous tumor" on the occupied land of Palestine regardless of sacrifices.

In 1947 the UN passed its ominous 191 resolution that allowed the partitioning of Palestine between its indigenous people and the Zionist invaders and even gave those aliens 56% of historical Palestine and left 46% for the Palestinians and internationalized Jerusalem.

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Name: Mary Date: 29/11/2007 22:22:35
Country: United States Job:
My whole suggestion for leaving the settler where they are in return for letting Palestinians return to their homeland is basically tongue in cheek because I believe that if the Israeli settlers found the soldiers leaving and themselves treated like Palestinians, you would find their homes on the market, cheap, very quickly, meanwhile you have been large hearted and offered a concept of no racism in return to asking Israel to practice the same. This is to A) get rid of racism in Israel and B) provide the right of return. I'm sorry I know you are very intelligent people who are in the situation so are more familiar with it, however from a distance, if compromises are to be made it seems like one that could secure your rights.
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Name: Mary Date: 29/11/2007 22:30:44
Country: United States Job:
And I am against the death penalty, I think Abbas has no right to kill anybody in Palestine, and in fact in attacking his own people is showing himself to be a cold hearted dictator. That is criminel.
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