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20 April
UNSC meets to discuss the assassination of Dr. Abdel Aziz al-Rantisi and the serious escalation of in the Palestinian territories
IOF troops withdraw from Rafah and its refugee camp after an overnight incursion during which 5 Palestinians were killed, 80 were wounded and 3 homes were demolished
US Middle East envoy William Burns tours the ruins of Jenin RC, saying "I just think what we are seeing here is a terrible human tragedy.”
U.S. submits Palestine trusteeship plan to UN
National Committees established in all Palestinian towns and large villages. Great Rebellion begins
Napoléon Bonaparte invites Jews of Asia and Africa to join his army so that they could enter Jerusalem with the French army which was trying to occupy the province of Syria, which included Palestine at the time.
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Hamas slams Ki-moon for his bias against the Palestinian people
Hamas slams Ki-moon for his bias against the Palestinian people
[ 13/03/2012 - 08:42 AM ]

GAZA, (PIC)-- The Hamas Movement condemned the latest remarks made by UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon on Israel's military escalation against the besieged Gaza as a "flagrant bias" in favor of the occupation and a violation of the UN resolutions.

"We strongly denounce the unbalanced position that was voiced today by the UN secretary-general before the Security Council regarding the Zionist aggression on the Gaza Strip," Hamas stated in a press release on Monday.

"The position of Ki-moon reflects his full bias in favor of the occupation and demonstrates a double standard in holding the victim responsible while the executioner is not blamed for starting its dangerous aggression and its criminal bombing of unarmed, peaceful population," Hamas highlighted.

"This position is against the charters and the principles on which the UN was established and which confirm that the nations under occupation have the right to defend themselves," it added.

Hamas called upon Ki-moon to reconsider his position which draws an unjust parallel between a military occupation entity and a suppressed occupied people, and to show positions in defense of the Palestinian people who are exposed to systematic Zionist killing and ethnic cleansing.

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