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24 April
PNC votes to amend the PLO Covenant by 504 votes to 54, with 14 abstentions.
Abed Samad Hreizat from Yatta dies in Hadassah Hospital following beatings by Israeli security. (Third Palestinian to die in Israeli detention in 1995, and 35th since the beginning of the Intifada).
Unification of the West Bank and Kingdom of Jordan; Gaza Strip comes under Egyptian administration.
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Al-Shyoukhi: A real third intifada is in the offing in the West Bank
Al-Shyoukhi: A real third intifada is in the offing in the West Bank
[ 19/11/2012 - 09:47 PM ]

RAMALLAH, (PIC)-- Secretary-general of the Palestinian popular committees against the wall and settlements, Azmi al-Shyoukhi, stated that the daily confrontations between Israeli soldiers and Palestinian youths in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem are the beginnings of a real outbreak of a third intifada.

Al-Shyoukhi told Quds Press on Monday that "the daily confrontations taking place in the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem constitute the beginnings of a real third intifada in response to the war crimes committed by Israel in the Gaza Strip".

Al-Shyoukhi considered that the Palestinian movement in the West Bank "will turn to a massive popular uprising in light of the continued Israeli aggression on Gaza," calling for escalating the popular resistance in all occupied territories in support of the besieged Gaza Strip that witnesses a continuous Israeli military aggression which started six days ago.

Al-Shyoukhi called on Palestinian factions to take advantage of the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip to end the national division and to implement the national reconciliation, stressing that the Palestinian people have to be united in face of the Israeli occupation and settlement that threaten the Palestinian existence, future and holy sites.

In the same context, al-Shyoukhi stated that the real aim of Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip is to use the Palestinian blood as election propaganda for upcoming elections.

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