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18 April
After touring Jenin Refugee Camp, UN envoy Terje Roed-Larsen calls the scene "horrifying beyond belief," saying it is a "blot that will forever live on the history of the state of Israel" and demands “immediate access” by international hu¬manitarian agencies. The Israeli govt.'s decides to consider Larsen a persona non grata due to his report of events in Jenin.
In Nablus, the bodies of over 70 Palestinians, incl. children and women, killed during the Israeli incursion, are buried in a mass grave during a lift of the curfew.
A resolution adopted by the UN Commission on Human Rights calls for the cessation of settlement expansion. A second resolution calls for Israel to stop imposing its laws and jurisdiction over Syrian citizens in the Golan Heights.
The first Qana massacre in which IOF shelled a Fijian UNIFIL compound, where Lebanese civilians took refuge, killing 106 and wounding 116 others.
Arab countries hold a conference at Fez in Morocco to discuss the Israeli Knesset's declaration of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel
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Save the Children: Dire situation for children worsens in Gaza
Save the Children: Dire situation for children worsens in Gaza
[ 20/11/2012 - 05:32 PM ]

WASHINTON, (PIC)-- "It is a dangerous and terrifying time for children", Save the Children organization said, calling for an immediate end to the Israeli aggression on Gaza as the number of child casualties mounts.

“There is no clean water so children are going to have to start drinking the polluted tap water soon which is going to cause more severe health problems,” said Carolyn Miles, president and CEO of Save the Children. “When they fall ill their parents can’t take them to the hospital.”

“It is a dangerous and terrifying time for children –who make up nearly half the population of the Gaza Strip,” Miles added, With so many children already malnourished and suffering from anemia, the impact on children’s health is potentially devastating.”

Schools and clinics have been badly affected. Twenty-five schools have been damaged along with two clinics and one hospital, Save the Children organization, concerned with children's rights and located in US, pointed out in its statement issued on Monday.

Most families have been trapped at home for four days, unable to leave to find basic supplies, the statement added.

“The escalation of violence on top of an already fragile situation is extremely dangerous for children,” said Alex Schein, Save the Children’s Country Director. “They are being deeply affected by what they have experienced, and many could need specialist care and support. The fear among adults is unbelievable so you can imagine what it’s like for children.”

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