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29 July
In Nablus, thousands of Palestinians fill the streets, and shops, banks and offices open for the second day of the largest demonstration yet against the Israeli curfew confining residents to their homes. Nablus governor Mohammed Aloul calls on residents of other towns to ignore the now 40-day curfew and restore normal life.
Violent confrontations between Muslim worshipers with Israeli police and extremist Jewish settlers who tried to lay the foundation stone for the alleged temple at the Aqsa Mosque, 20 Palestinians and 16 Israeli policemen were wounded.
The PLC Commission of Inquiry on Government Performance issues its report recommending the dismissal of the entire PNA cabinet on suspicion of corruption and the formation of a new government consisting of technocrats and qualified professionals.
Jordanian Minister Daoud Khalaf says Israel steals close to 59 billion cubic feet of water a year from Arab sources.
Israeli commandos kidnap Sheikh Abdel Karim Obeid from south Lebanon. Obeid, 36, is a central figure in the Shi'ite movement in Lebanon.
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Morocco to set up a field hospital in Gaza to provide treatment for the wounded
Morocco to set up a field hospital in Gaza to provide treatment for the wounded
[ 19/11/2012 - 05:24 PM ]

RABAT, (PIC)-- The Moroccan monarch issued his instructions to immediately establish a field hospital in Gaza, in light of the escalating Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip.

The official spokesman for the royal palace, Abdul Haq Al-Marini, said in a statement to the Moroccan news agency on Monday: "Following the tragic events in the Gaza Strip and in solidarity with the Palestinian people; His Majesty King Mohammed VI ordered to immediately establish  a Moroccan field hospital in the Gaza Strip."

Al-Marini added that the hospital will consist of elements of specialized medical units belonging to the Moroccan Royal Armed Forces, as well as Moroccan doctors and civil medical teams.

He noted that "the multidisciplinary in surgery medical team will provide its services for the Palestinians and will also enhance the medical capabilities in Gaza," as he said.

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