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26 July
Nine Palestinians killed and 30 others wounded during an IOF troops incursion into the Shejaeyyah neighbourhood of Gaza City.
US legislators announce draft laws to stop all US aid to the Palestinians should they unilaterally declare statehood on 13 Sept.
Jamal Al-Khamisi, who suffered from liver cancer, dies five days after being released from Ramla Prison where his health had deteriorated after a malignant tumor had not been properly treated. His case is the second death of a critically ill detainee in a one-month period.
In a French-Palestinian summit in Paris, Arafat discusses with President Chirac and PM Alain Juppe the peace process.
A group of armed settlers open machinegun fire at students of Hebron University killing 3 of them and wounding 38.
President Nasser nationalises the Suez Canal.
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MB: Open Rafah border without hindrance
MB: Open Rafah border without hindrance
[ 21/07/2011 - 08:27 AM ]

CAIRO, (PIC)-- The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt has called on the Egyptian foreign ministry to shoulder its responsibilities regarding the Palestinians and open up the Rafah border crossing without hindrance.

The group, a major constituent of the Egyptian revolution, urged Egyptian foreign politicians to lead other Arab states into supporting Palestinian rights, and at least open the Rafah crossing for people and goods.

The statement also downplays the Palestinian Authority's plans to unilaterally push for statehood with the United Nations in September, saying that the UN has used ''double standards'' in dealing with the Palestinians.

The Muslim Brotherhood said that what was required instead was Palestinian reconciliation firstly, and secondly that Arab and Muslim states shoulder responsibilities regarding the Palestinians.

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Wait for Egypt
Name: Othman Date: 21/07/2011 20:05:06
Country: United States Job:
The Egyptian Armed Forces are deeply respected institution inside and outside Egypt. There are still some steps that, if taken, will raise the level of this respect.Open Rafa unconditionally, Wean Egypt from foreign aid for Egypt to be a truly regional leading power and scrub the treaty with Israel.
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