Sick prisoners complain of miserable conditions at Ramla prison hospital
Sick prisoners complain of miserable conditions at Ramla prison hospital
[ 28/11/2012 - 07:33 PM ]

AL-KHALIL, (PIC)-- Two sick Palestinian prisoners, transferred recently to the Israeli Ramle prison hospital, complained about the bad treatment they face by the Israeli jailers despite their deteriorated health condition.

Hussam Association for Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners stated in a statement issued, on Wednesday, that the two prisoners Iyad Alwan, from Khan Yunis in the southern Gaza Strip, and Mahmoud Sabra, from Salfit city, have sent a letter to the association reporting the Israeli inhuman treatment in Ramla prison hospital.

The letter stated that the prisoner Iyad Alwan, sentenced to 10 years, suffers from heart and kidney disease, and the prisoner Mahmoud Sabra, sentenced to 12 years, suffers from nerve damage and headaches, were both transferred last Friday to receive treatment in Ramla prison hospital, where they were subjected to a torrent of insults and bad treatment from the Israeli officers and prison guards, and threatened with death directly by the director of the prison, and then dumped in an isolated room deprived of water and electricity.

The prisoners pointed out in the letter that they were served eggs with has turned red which they suspected to be poisoned food, in addition to moldy yogurt. They protested to the prison director against this measure but the director insulted them and said that they are terrorists and do not deserve to live and must be killed. He threatened to take revenge on them, adding “let the resistance help you then,” in reference the resistance in the Gaza Strip which gave the Israeli occupation a bloody nose in the recent aggression on Gaza.

The prisoners said that the prison director admitted that he has in stock rotten eggs and other foods that have expired and tried to give excuses for that. At this point the prisoners refused to be treated at such a hospital and asked to be returned to Nafha prison where they informed the prisoners' representatives about the bad treatment they were subjected to.

The prisoners' representatives in Nafha prison decided to complain against the director of Ramla prison, and to raise a lawsuit against the Department of Ramla prison hospital to prosecute those involved in this heinous crime.

For its part, Hossem association called on the Ministry of Prisoners 'Affairs and the Palestinian Prisoners Association and all human rights organizations to respond immediately to the prisoners' demands and to stand firm against this new crime.

The association appealed to "the Palestinian people with all its factions and parties to intervene immediately and support the prisoners' issue and to organize solidarity events and activities with the prisoners' demands and to protest against this heinous crime and to send a letter to the occupation authorities that the Palestinian people stand united behind the Palestinian prisoners.

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