Palestinian Memory Bank
16 April
IOF troops besieging the Nativity Church fire incendiary bombs setting fire to the monks' living quarters.
US vetoes UN Sec. Council Res. calling on Israel to end deportation of Palestinians.
Khalil al-Wazir (Abu Jihad), Palestinian leader assassinated at his home in Tunis.
Israeli troops fire on Palestinians in Gaza Strip, killing 14 Palestinians.
Thieves steal rare books and paintings valued at over $4 million from Jerusalem's Islamic Museum.
(16-17 April) Haganah Golani brigade and Palmach units capture Tiberias as it is evacuated by British. Palestinian inhabitants flee.
Revolts all over Palestine, largest confrontations in Jaffa.
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Abu Zuhri blasts Ramallah for sentencing Hamas supporters
Abu Zuhri blasts Ramallah for sentencing Hamas supporters
[ 28/11/2012 - 07:36 PM ]

GAZA, (PIC)-- Dr. Sami Abu Zuhri, a Hamas spokesman, has blasted the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah for putting on trial and sentencing Hamas political activists.

Abu Zuhri, in a statement on Wednesday, denounced the PA court in Tulkarem for sentencing three Palestinians to six months imprisonment for affiliation with Hamas.

He also criticized the PA for continuing arrest campaigns and summonses against Hamas supporters and activists.

The spokesman said that such practices foil the positive atmosphere that followed the victory over the Israeli occupation forces in Gaza.

Abu Zuhri asked the Palestinian factions to play a role in curbing such practices in the West Bank.

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The Israeli Agent Abbas
Name: Othman Date: 28/11/2012 23:54:53
Country: United States Job:
The side show that is presented at the UN is a figleaf by this corrupt authority to abuse, imprison the Palestinian people on behalf of Israel. Abbas claims he wants to pursue reconciliation. Hamas must tell him he must resign along with all of his corrupt cronies before any reconiciliation can start. Moree importantly all political prisoners should be releade and compensated for the wrongs they suffered. Abbas cannot pretend patriotism whlie he is committing crimes againnst the heroes of Palestine
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