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23 July
Israeli F-16 fighter jets attack and destroy a four-story building in the Al-Yarmouk neighborhood of Gaza City, killing Hamas activist and commander of the Izz Eddin Al-Qassem wing Sheikh Salah Shehadeh, 49, his wife and one of his children and at least 14 other civilians, including 10 children aged two months to 11 years. Over 150 are injured, many of them women and children. Nearby buildings also suffer damage.
In Nablus District, the Israeli army burns hundreds of dunums of olive trees and bulldozes an area of land that is surrounding the bypass road in Qusin-Al Juneid.
Sheikh Ahmed Yassin offers Israel a truce in return for complete Israeli withdrawal from the territories occupied in 1967.
The Knesset Finance Committee approves $12 million in grants and subsidies for 400 dwelling units to be built in rural West Bank settlements.
On Mount of Olives in East Jerusalem, an "unlicensed" Greek Orthodox church is demolished. 2 Palestinian homes were demolished in East Jerusalem on the some grounds.
Egyptian Revolution: Free Officers launch a coup and seize control of all government buildings, radio stations, police stations, and the army headquarters in Cairo. The coup installed General Muhammad Najeeb as President.
1937 Arab Higher Committee rejects Royal Commission proposal and demands independent unitary Palestine with protection of "legitimate Jewish and other minority rights" and the safeguarding of British interests. Rebellion intensifies.
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Palestinian community in US: Abbas only met with Jewish community
Palestinian community in US: Abbas only met with Jewish community
[ 25/09/2010 - 03:24 PM ]

WASHINGTON, (PIC)-- The Palestinian community in the US has denied that de facto Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas had met with its members, affirming that he only met with a limited number of PA employees other than meeting the Jewish community.

The Palestinian community said in a statement on Saturday that the alleged meeting with Abbas never happened.

"We challenge the PA in Ramallah to declare the name of one Palestinian institution or society that participated in this alleged meeting," it said.

The community noted that the only meeting for Abbas with Palestinians was the one held in New York with very few people most of whom working with the PA missions in New York and Washington. It added that the only community Abbas met with during his visit was the Jewish community in the presence of representative of 50 Zionist, racist organizations.

The community declared its objection to the policies of Abbas, describing them as "catastrophic".

It condemned the detention of innocent people in the West Bank and the security coordination with the Israeli occupation authority, adding that it would not meet with Abbas or provide a cover for his capitulatory policy.

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Zionist doing it again
Name: Wadi Date: 26/09/2010 07:02:07
Country: United States Job:
During the Oslo Accords in 1992, the Zionist Organizations met with Arafat, and made Arafat feel like a King. Like as though he was President of Palestine. After the Accords were signed, the US and the Zionist paid Arafat and the PA Billions to keep Hamas and other Palestinian Organizations at bay, while the Zionist built Settlements and "Jews-Only" By-Pass Roads unhindered. The Zionist are doing that again with Abbas.
birds falls on its alikes
Name: abu abdullah al-shami Date: 26/09/2010 15:11:37
Country: Oman Job: Engineer
indeed he meets with people he feels comfortable with and whom he feels he belongs to. son no surprise at all. what do you expect from him" a thorn tree never produce roses.
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