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23 July
Israeli F-16 fighter jets attack and destroy a four-story building in the Al-Yarmouk neighborhood of Gaza City, killing Hamas activist and commander of the Izz Eddin Al-Qassem wing Sheikh Salah Shehadeh, 49, his wife and one of his children and at least 14 other civilians, including 10 children aged two months to 11 years. Over 150 are injured, many of them women and children. Nearby buildings also suffer damage.
In Nablus District, the Israeli army burns hundreds of dunums of olive trees and bulldozes an area of land that is surrounding the bypass road in Qusin-Al Juneid.
Sheikh Ahmed Yassin offers Israel a truce in return for complete Israeli withdrawal from the territories occupied in 1967.
The Knesset Finance Committee approves $12 million in grants and subsidies for 400 dwelling units to be built in rural West Bank settlements.
On Mount of Olives in East Jerusalem, an "unlicensed" Greek Orthodox church is demolished. 2 Palestinian homes were demolished in East Jerusalem on the some grounds.
Egyptian Revolution: Free Officers launch a coup and seize control of all government buildings, radio stations, police stations, and the army headquarters in Cairo. The coup installed General Muhammad Najeeb as President.
1937 Arab Higher Committee rejects Royal Commission proposal and demands independent unitary Palestine with protection of "legitimate Jewish and other minority rights" and the safeguarding of British interests. Rebellion intensifies.
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PA sentences three Palestinians for affiliation to Hamas
PA sentences three Palestinians for affiliation to Hamas
[ 28/11/2012 - 12:24 PM ]

TULKAREM, (PIC)-- The PA security courts in the northern West Bank city of Tulkarm, sentenced in absentia three members of the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas for six months for belonging to the movement despite the reconciliation efforts.

Local sources in the city, said the court sentenced Ja'far Umar Mustafa Awda, 24, a student at An-Najah National University, and Rushdie Hosni Nimer Jayousi, 43, an employee at the health ministry in Tulkarem, who spent long periods in the PA prisons, and Tamer Mohammed Rasim Abdul-Jabbar Numan, 30, a mosque muezzin in Younis Mosque.

The sources confirmed that the court accused the three detainees of being members of the Hamas movement and incitement against the Palestinian Authority.

The court's decision came despite the positive and optimistic atmosphere of national unity, after the historic victory achieved by the Palestinian resistance. The decision totally opposed the people's expectations in the West Bank where they were waiting for PA serious steps to end political arrest and summonses and trials against members of the resistance.

In a related context, PA security apparatus continued its summonses campaign against supporters of Hamas in the West Bank, where they summoned the young man Abdul Halim Ghannam from the city of Ramallah for interrogation in the headquarters of PA security.

In Nablus northern occupied West Bank, the PA preventive security services transferred the political detainee Jihad Salim to the hospital due to his health deterioration.

The liberated prisoner Jihad Salim was detained by PA security services since two weeks. He is the brother of the martyr Sheikh Jamal Salim.

Salim’s family confirmed that they know nothing about their son’s situation and health condition.

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