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24 July
On Israeli request, the FBI detain Dr. Mousa Abu Marzouq, head of Hamas political bureau, at JK airport in New York.
The Muslim Council (al-Haya' al-Islamiya) was the first Palestinian representative body to be founded after the war.
(24-26) July IDF Operation Shoter: Carmeli, Alexandroni, and Golani brigades attack and capture three villages of Little Triangle south of Haifa.
British issue special White Paper on Terrorism in Palestine accusing Jewish Agency of being involved in acts of terrorism with Irgun and Stern Gangs.
League of Nations Council approves Mandate for Palestine without consent of Palestinians.
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Greek authorities detain the French ship while refueling at Crete
Greek authorities detain the French ship while refueling at Crete
[ 07/07/2011 - 03:16 PM ]

ATHENS, (PIC)-- Organizers of the Freedom Flotilla II announced on Thursday that the French ship that was part of the fleet was detained at a Crete port at the orders of the Greek authorities.

Claude Aostic, a spokeswoman for the organizers, said that the ship was refueling when Greek coast guards ordered the vessel to another port and detained it at “administrative pretexts”.

The 19-meter long vessel carries 12 French solidarity activists including the leader of the far left and a European MP for the Green party.

The Greek authorities barred sail of the Freedom Flotilla ships, which carry humanitarian relief material, to the Gaza Strip last Friday after Israel threatened to use force against them, adding that adequate protection for the passengers should be ensured.

For his part, Palestinian foreign minister in Gaza Mohammed Awad refused proposals for changing the route of the Flotilla, adding that the Palestinian people are entitled to have their own port.

He underlined that blocking the fleet from sailing to Gaza refutes Israel’s claims that it had ended its occupation of Gaza.

Press reports earlier said that PA chief Mahmoud Abbas agreed with the Greek authorities on changing the final destination of the fleet from Gaza to El-Arish then ferrying its load to Gaza via land route.

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